Palestinians indicted for stoning murder of settler and infant son

One-year-old Yehonatan Palmer, slain by terrorists, is taken for burial in September. (Flash 90)

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Four Palestinian men were indicted Tuesday in a military court for the September murders of Asher Palmer and his infant son. Two of the suspects were charged with murder and the others with attempted murder.

According to the indictment submitted to the Judea military court, Mahmoud Muhammad Albai, Waal al-Araja, Ali Saada, and Muhmmad Khalil Albo, intended to kill Jews to avenge the arson attack against the Qusra mosque earlier that month.

The West Bank mosque was torched in a so-called “price tag” payback attack, allegedly perpetrated by settlers shortly after authorities demolished three illegal structures in the settlement outpost of Migron.

Araja and Saada, of Halhoul, are charged with premeditated murder for throwing the rocks that killed Asher Palmer, 25, and his year-old son, Yehonatan. Their trial is to begin on Sunday.

Asher Palmer was fatally struck in the head by a large rock and he and Yehonatan died in the wreckage of their car as it ran off Route 60 and tumbled into a wadi near Hebron.

At first the incident it was thought to have been a road accident, but an examination of Palmer’s body revealed a skull fracture that preceded the impact of the crash. The attack by then unknown terrorists was confirmed when a large rock was recovered from the car stained with Palmer’s blood.

In addition, it was found that his personal weapon had been taken from the wreckage before it was discovered. Family members said that, in addition to his pistol, his wallet had also been taken.

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