Court extends remand for ex-Netanyahu spokesman, Bezeq owner

Nir Hefetz remains silent; Shlomo Filber detained for 15 more days … [Read More...]

Interior minister questioned for eighth time in corruption probe

Aryeh Deri allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of shekels in state funds … [Read More...]

PA police rescue New York delegation pelted with eggs by rioters in Ramallah

Palestinians chant 'America is the head of the snake' at visitors … [Read More...]

IDF, US troops get ready for drill to simulate massive missile attack on Israel

Thousands in biennial 'Juniper Cobra' drill amid escalating tensions … [Read More...]

Israel appoints first female ultra-Orthodox judge

Havi Toker will serve on Jerusalem Magistrate's Court … [Read More...]

Christians mark anniversary of 21 Copts beheaded by ISIS with church opening

The Church of the Libyan Martyrs is dedicated to their memory … [Read More...]

In find of biblical proportions, seal of Prophet Isaiah said found in Jerusalem

Tiny clay piece may be proof of the prophet … [Read More...]

Syrian conflict 101: A 2018 guide to the main factions

A tracking of the conflict … [Read More...]

Facilitators of corruption

Corruption persists due to the dynamics of fear … [Read More...]

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Trump team briefs Security Council on Mideast peace plan

‘Both sides are going to love some of it and hate some of it’ … [Read More...]

Netanyahu still due to attend Trump meeting amid corruption allegations

PM wouldn't miss being on the AIPAC stage in front of some 18,000 fans … [Read More...]

IDF reveals it thwarted attempted Islamic State bombing of Australian flight

Two arrested plotting to blow up Etihad Airways flight out of Sydney … [Read More...]

First seven asylum seekers refusing deportation are imprisoned at Holot

750 Eritrean asylum seekers in detention center begin hunger strike … [Read More...]

Current Israeli birth rates unsustainable, says expert

Population could exceed 15 million in 35 years … [Read More...]

These Jewish women say celebrating Purim in the #MeToo era is different

Queen Vashti no longer considered evil for standing up for herself … [Read More...]

US evangelist Billy Graham, who preached to millions, dies at 99

He transformed American religious life through mass media and activism … [Read More...]

Why the choice between Netanyahu and the rule of law is no choice at all

The framers of our laws ensured prosecution won't be done lightly … [Read More...]

Unbroken chain of failure

No sign Abbas’s replacement will break chain of failed Palestinian … [Read More...]

Netanyahu confidant said poised to sign deal to turn state’s witness

Communications Ministry director Shlomo Filber ready to plea bargain … [Read More...]

Haley to Abbas: US wants a peace deal but will not ‘chase after you’

Washington's envoy to United Nations tells Saeb Erekat 'I will not … [Read More...]

Top cop rips into ‘criminals’ who ‘damage public trust in police’

Alsheich complains of aspersions on officers' professionalism … [Read More...]

Chief justice said set to testify over PM aide’s alleged bribe offer to judge

Police to question Supreme Court President Esther Hayut … [Read More...]

Netanyahu aide suspected of offering AG post to judge to let PM’s wife off hook

Nir Hefetz reportedly in talks to turn state’s witness in Bezeq probe … [Read More...]

Protesters throw shoes, rip flags during visit to Gaza by Qatar envoy

Hospital workers upset over unpaid salaries pushed backed by Hamas … [Read More...]

Nearly 200 civilians dead in Syria rebel enclave in Ghouta as tragedy unfolds

57 children are killed in bloodiest bombardments in four years … [Read More...]

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