AG announces Netanyahu to stand trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust

First time in Israel’s history that serving PM faces criminal charges … [Read More...]

‘A time of unprecedented darkness’: Rivlin passes coalition-building buck to MKs

Never-before-used electoral law lets any lawmaker try to win majority … [Read More...]

Netherlands cuts aid to Palestinian Authority over terrorist salaries

Says talks to end wages ‘did not lead to the desired outcome’ … [Read More...]

Gordon Robertson: Survival of the Jewish people is a miracle

‘You are a light to the nations. Shine on, and be as bright as you can be’ … [Read More...]

Iranians use Israeli app Waze in recent round of protests

Protesters communicate where to drive and leave cars to maximize disruption … [Read More...]

Statue of Christ at Shandong church replaced with a lightning rod

China’s attempt to get rid of Christian symbols of faith continues … [Read More...]

Efrat mayor: Israeli-Palestinian cooperation is a way of life in West Bank

This is shown by the Palestinian workers employed in Judea and Samaria … [Read More...]

Prison for VIPs: Not a regular convict, not the life of a leader

A convicted prime minister likely to follow the footsteps of ex-PM Olmert … [Read More...]

Israel’s longest serving prime minister under indictment

But his legal woes now threaten to ruin any legacy he may have built up … [Read More...]

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Gantz gives up on forming government; mandate goes to Knesset

Blue and White leader: I ‘turned over every stone’ in try for unity … [Read More...]

Gantz concession speech: Netanyahu is leading Israel down a dangerous path

‘Most of the nation chose to go a different way than Netanyahu’ … [Read More...]

23 killed as Israel strikes over 20 Iranian, Syrian regime targets

Bennett to Iran: Wherever you stretch your tentacles-we will hack them … [Read More...]

Look left for Gaza, right for Iran

The most widespread strike targeting Iranian infrastructure in Syria … [Read More...]

Palestinian Authority officially recognizes Evangelical group

Council of Local Evangelical Churches in the Holy Land now official … [Read More...]

In sudden switch, Canada backs pro-Palestine UN resolution

After decade of voting no, Ottawa reiterates support of two-state … [Read More...]

With smart hydrants, faucets and pipes, Israel shows off its water tech

With over 60% desert, world leader Israel makes every drop count … [Read More...]

When will there be a third election?

21 days of chaos start as race to form a government begins … [Read More...]

The race for protein: How Israel can lead the race to the food of the future

Billions invested in race to produce alternative protein to animal … [Read More...]

Likud, Blue and White holding ‘serious’ talks amid efforts for last-minute deal

Centrist party looking for PM's promises on immunity, leave of absence … [Read More...]

UN dismisses US policy change, says Israeli settlements still illegal

International Court of Justice, UN still view them as violation … [Read More...]

Iron Dome intercepts four rockets fired into Golan from Syria

Rockets fired from near Damascus, likely by Iranian elements … [Read More...]

Rivlin: Ugly incitement against Arab citizens must end

18 NGOS to president: Denounce Netanyahu’s racist remarks against … [Read More...]

Four killed as church attack in Rimenze, South Sudan, displaces thousands

Assault leaves thousands without homes or hope; gunmen are still … [Read More...]

PA calls to step up ‘popular resistance’ in response to US announcement

‘Pompeo’s announcement emboldens the radicals’ … [Read More...]

Seventy years on, Oslo Children’s Disaster commemorated

27 Jewish children making aliyah from Tunisia killed in 1949 plane … [Read More...]

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