On 70th anniversary, Trump says US has ‘no better friends anywhere’ than Israel

US president says he's 'looking forward' to opening new embassy … [Read More...]

Israel targeted advanced Iranian air defense system in Syria strike

Jerusalem reportedly conferred with US before attack that killed Iranians … [Read More...]

Independence Day terrorist attack foiled as troops find hidden bomb

'Powerful explosive device' planted in truck at West Bank checkpoint … [Read More...]

EU resolves to nix intolerant content in Palestinian textbooks

Two motions require funding for 'common values such as freedom' … [Read More...]

Mystery over who wrote the ‘Prayer for the State of Israel’ is finally solved

New research deciphers historical whodunnit from 1948 … [Read More...]

Christian and Muslim youth hold interfaith dialogue in battle-scarred Marawi

’Young Muslim-Christian Life Encounter’ sponsors peace-building activities … [Read More...]

Growing with Israel: 70 years of Sheba success

From Army Hospital No. 5 to a world-renowned medical center … [Read More...]

As Israelis mark 70 years, satisfaction and a grim disquiet share the stage

Jewish state boasts of attainments, but is weary from decades of conflict … [Read More...]

Signs of change

Israel still demonized in diplomacy, legal arenas and in the media … [Read More...]

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IDF prepares for Iranian revenge to include missile attacks, drone strikes

Israel details Tehran's aerial activities, pointing out potential … [Read More...]

Egypt invites Hamas leaders for talks on Gaza protests, reconciliation

Cairo pressuring terrorists to stop disturbances along border … [Read More...]

Medical marijuana will arrive in Israeli pharmacies in time for world debut

Select pharmacies will begin selling medical marijuana on April 20 … [Read More...]

At 70, Israel’s population is 8.842 million, 43% of world Jewry

Central Bureau of Statistics figures show 74.5% of population is … [Read More...]

‘Expel or Kill’ graffiti sprayed in Arab villages near Nablus

Vandalism near the West Bank city is the latest in 'price tag' attacks … [Read More...]

Female IDF officer barred from reading remembrance prayer

Army says it was a mistake and there is no such policy … [Read More...]

How Israel became a naval startup nation with the famous boats of Cherbourg

A young journalist had a startling hunch about Israel's military … [Read More...]

Europe to Hamas: Disarm and we’ll rebuild Gaza

Offer would end Hamas violence against Israel for at least five years … [Read More...]

Israel’s 70th anniversary

We live in a reality in which miracles happen every day … [Read More...]

Liberman: Israel won’t accept Russian curbs on its activity in Syria

Says 'direct friction' with Moscow averted despite strike on Iranian … [Read More...]

EU warns viability of ‘Palestine’ is being ‘constantly eroded’

Mogherini: Europeans and Arabs share ‘common Holy City, Jerusalem' … [Read More...]

At least two Christians killed in drive-by shooting on Pakistani crowd

ISIS claims responsibility for third attack on Christians in Quetta … [Read More...]

Yazidi and Christian women still in ISIS captivity

Women who refuse to convert to Islam are taken as sex slaves … [Read More...]

Tel Aviv University launches first-ever academic venture fund in Israel

Reports say it has already raised some $20 million in commitments … [Read More...]

1,400-year-old menorah lamp, rare coin found as kids dig trail for Israel’s 70th

Galilee's ‘Sanhedrin Trail’ paths walked by Jewish sages 1,900 years … [Read More...]

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