Netanyahu: ‘The citizens of Israel owe an enormous debt to fallen intelligence officer’

Contribution by Lt. Col. M. may never be known publicly … [Read More...]

Netanyahu, Putin hold ‘important’ talks in Paris amid Syria tensions

Kremlin confirms ‘short meeting’ took place between leaders … [Read More...]

Abbas accuses US, Israel and Hamas of blocking Palestinian statehood

Eyes 'decisive decisions' in relations with Hamas, Israel and US … [Read More...]

Classes canceled, trains closed in southern Israel as 17 rockets fired from Gaza

17 rockets fired at civilian targets, of which three were intercepted … [Read More...]

Kidnapped Christian Cameroon pupils freed

78 boys and girls seized Sunday in Bamenda; principal, teacher still held … [Read More...]

A new proposal for bringing clean water to the Gaza Strip

Build an Israeli desalination plant, funded by Saudi Arabia, EU and others … [Read More...]

Israeli robot-filled warehouse seeks to cut delivery time for groceries

CommonSense Robotics believes robots process orders with fewer errors … [Read More...]

Israel and Hamas cheer Qatar’s Gaza cash infusion, but Abbas could spoil party

PA could cut its own funding for the coastal enclave, plunging it into war … [Read More...]

Clean house

‘Every mother should know her son’s life is in hands of worthy commanders’ … [Read More...]

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Sisi persuades Abbas to agree to Hamas-Israel cease-fire terms

Truce takes effect in two stages: within two weeks and within six … [Read More...]

Trump sends mission to Nigeria as jihadists massacre hundreds of Christians

In October Islamist extremists killed 260 Christians and 100 Muslims … [Read More...]

Police recommend charging ex-Netanyahu lawyer, others in submarine bribery case

David Shimron among those accused of bribery, fraud and other charges … [Read More...]

In Jerusalem, new envoys from Cairo and Amman recommit to peace with Israel

Ghassan Majali of Jordan, Khaled Azmi of Egypt urge peace with … [Read More...]

Rivlin, promising peace, joins protest from Gaza border communities

‘We will not, and we must not, let the air raid siren become routine’ … [Read More...]

The Israeli start-up aiming to prevent the next Pittsburgh massacre

Detroit Jewish community pre-orders system, to be installed in 25 … [Read More...]

At alternative New York film fest, the ‘Other Israel’ takes center stage

Film on internecine conflicts in Israel lifts curtain on minority life … [Read More...]

Syrian Army claims S-300 air defenses keeping Israel at bay

Says IDF can strike Iranian targets, but with low chance of success … [Read More...]

How Pittsburgh has deepened the chasm dividing American Jews

The most fertile ground for antisemitism is when a nation is falling … [Read More...]

Democrats warn Trump after Attorney-General Sessions forced out

If president meddles in Mueller probe, ‘he must be held accountable’ … [Read More...]

Trump, challenged on antisemitism, cites economy and Israel policies

‘Nobody has done more for Israel and Bibi says so,’ Trump claims … [Read More...]

Friends of Zion building $100 million social network campus

FOZ founder Mike Evans mobilizes his base to advocate for Israel … [Read More...]

Israeli researchers develop technology for 3-D printing of drugs

Enables the printing of personalized medications out of hydrogel … [Read More...]

Rail from Israel to Gulf ‘makes sense,’ says transportation minister in Oman

Katz says train link ‘beyond political and ideological disagreements’ … [Read More...]

Italy says it will help Asia Bibi leave Pakistan

Bibi remains in a Pakistani jail that has been converted into a safe … [Read More...]

Hold the camels: 2,000-year-old cistern in Beersheba engraved with sea vessels

Carver of boats in water storage pit had technical knowledge of them … [Read More...]

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