Hebron firebombing

Two lost American yeshiva students hurt in Hebron firebombing

Five take wrong turn, saved by Palestinian hiding them in his home … [Read More...]

Erekat who me

PA officials reject Netanyahu’s call for renewal of peace talks

Erekat says prime minister working against a two-state solution … [Read More...]

drowned child

Drowned Syrian child was denied asylum in Canada

Escaping Islamic State, Kurdish family was trying to reach North America … [Read More...]

Gazans crossing

IDF helped Gazan families enter Israel, Palestinians say

Dozen people allowed to cross while soldiers kept Hamas guards at bay … [Read More...]

Syrian Christian family

ISIS issues contract of Dhimmitude to give ‘safety’ to Syrian Christians

In exchange for a tax and vow to follow set of strict guidelines … [Read More...]

new SodaStream

Leaving West Bank, SodaStream chief accuses boycotters of anti-Semitism

Says BDS should back SodaStream if it ‘truly cared about Palestinians’ … [Read More...]


Rare 1,800-year-old sarcophagus discovered in Ashkelon

Police arrest construction workers who damaged and hid relic … [Read More...]

Tehran demo

Anti-Semitism in Iran: Jews caught in the crosshairs

Bigotry is core of its ruling ideology, hold on power, foreign policy … [Read More...]

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