Israel won’t negotiate with a Hamas-based Palestinian government

Security cabinet nixes talks unless Hamas recognizes Israel and disarms … [Read More...]

PM to Russian defense minister: Israel won’t allow Iranian presence in Syria

Netanyahu repeats warning Tehran on track to get a nuke in next decade … [Read More...]

Lebanese prime minister joins coalition government with Hezbollah

‘We have put aside differences to serve the country’ says Hariri … [Read More...]

More than 40 arrested in violent ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protests

In Bnei Brak rioters attack officers, in Jerusalem block light rail … [Read More...]

Israel advances 1,292 settlement homes, hundreds more planned

Prime minister comes under fire from Right and Left … [Read More...]

Christian aid groups say Trump lowering refugee ceiling to 45,000 is ‘absurd’

As the world suffers the worst migration crisis since World War II … [Read More...]

At former Nazi death camp Sobibor, a post-Holocaust construction boom

After decades of obscurity, to commemorate Jewish victims, attract tourists … [Read More...]

Will Israel hold Abbas responsible for Hamas attacks?

Most think Hamas will not lay down its arms … [Read More...]

NGO woes

Is legislation the way to oppose NGOs that question Israel’s legitimacy? … [Read More...]

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Israel launches plan to defend Jerusalem in international arena

Heritage Ministry wants to expose capital’s past and present … [Read More...]

Massive section of Western Wall and Roman theater uncovered after 1,700 years

Changes perceptions of Roman-conquered Jerusalem after fall of Temple … [Read More...]

Islamists abduct hundreds of Egyptian Christian girls

Abductions, forced marriages and conversions documented … [Read More...]

Israel destroys anti-aircraft battery in Syria after it fires at IDF jets

IAF recon planes were flying over Lebanon when targeted … [Read More...]

Islamic State claims responsibility for rockets fired at Israel from Sinai

Group targets Jewish communities with Grad missiles … [Read More...]

Immunity bill for future prime ministers to face key vote

Bill would protect sitting premiers from probes, but not current PM … [Read More...]

Israeli wins NASCAR Euro championship

History made in the field of Israeli motor sport … [Read More...]

From burkas to belts, exhibit shows how Jewish fashion is all about fitting in

New York museum displays clothes from past centuries to present … [Read More...]

Leaks and investigations

Politically motivated leaks don't serve the public interest … [Read More...]

Netanyahu praises Trump for ‘bold decision’ on Iran deal

Says US leader giving world an opportunity to fix nuclear agreement … [Read More...]

PM to Christian journalists: World leaders must stop Iran ‘devouring’ Mideast

At launch of GPO’s first convention for Christian journalists in … [Read More...]

In deal with Fatah, Hamas said to agree to halt attacks from West Bank

Reportedly accedes to 'implicit consensus' on freezing violence … [Read More...]

US launches $10 million water project in West Bank

10,000 Jericho residents to be connected to treatment plant … [Read More...]

PM pledges West Bank bypass roads for settlers

Says funds will be found, but some settlers accuse him of empty … [Read More...]

Kansas State U sukka done in by weather, not vandals

Cops close case after witnesses say it blew away in wind … [Read More...]

3D-printed Israeli inhaler transforming how medical marijuana is prescribed

The only metered-dose cannabis or plant-material 3D inhaler worldwide … [Read More...]

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