Anti-tumor DaRT could point the way to new arsenal in battle against cancer

Israeli startup says its can demolish tumors with radioactive material … [Read More...]

Egyptian novel explores Christians under controlling Church

Copts don’t always find comfort even in their own religious institutions … [Read More...]

Gun attacks in West Bank bring back memories of worse to come

Latest wave includes shootings, but other attempts often hidden from view … [Read More...]

PA’s baby killers

Amiad’s mother was 30 weeks pregnant when she and six others were shot at … [Read More...]

IDF tracks down and kills Barkan, Ofra terrorists

Murderers of two in Barkan and baby in drive-by shooting die in shootouts … [Read More...]

Hundreds mourn as baby boy born after mother shot in terrorist attack is buried

Baby named as Amiad Yisrael; settlers call for increased settlement … [Read More...]

Women protest in major cities against violence; two arrested in Tel Aviv

Call on supporters to strike daily for 25 minutes, for each woman murdered … [Read More...]

Australia PM flip flops on Jerusalem embassy, calls conversation premature

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: ‘I'll announce it when I’m ready' … [Read More...]

Pro-Israel caucus formed in Zambian parliament

Anti-Israel vote in UN proves ‘we have work to do’ … [Read More...]

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Islamist extremists strike yet another church in upper Egypt

Christians forced to pray in the streets following church attack … [Read More...]

After 30 years, once-crumbling Crusader fortress set to open again

Remains from First Temple period were found under Crusader floor … [Read More...]

Joe Biden’s foot-in-mouth disease

How anyone could label Trump antisemitic is beyond absurd … [Read More...]

The racial politics of antisemitism and Islamophobia

Antisemitism being distanced from groups that fight against racism … [Read More...]

Netanyahu warns Hezbollah of ‘unimaginable blows’ if anti-tunnel operation attacked

As third tunnel uncovered, vows Israel will continue until threat is … [Read More...]

IDF unearths third tunnel, Hezbollah releases photos of operation

Discovery announced hours after terrorists release pictures of IDF … [Read More...]

Attacker shot dead in one of two car-ramming attempts in West Bank

Near Hebron, in Jordan Valley, terrorists try to strike border … [Read More...]

Palestinians: Qatar seeking to establish Palestinian state in Gaza

PA accuses Qatar of working to establish a ‘separate Palestinian … [Read More...]

More than 100 Sichuan house church members arrested

Leaders, members of Autumn Rain Covenant Church unaccounted for … [Read More...]

US, Israel hold first conference to boost Arab participation in tech sector

Arab Israelis hold 3% of R&D jobs though they are some 20% of … [Read More...]

Tiny pagan bull found at Zippori pool where Sanhedrin head may have bathed

Archaeologists believe tale Yehuda Hanasi bathed there on a fast day … [Read More...]

As unrest builds, a volcano of violence is waiting to erupt in West Bank

Jobless rate 27%, half of Palestinians under 30 unemployed and losing … [Read More...]

Netanyahu and his ministries

PM repeatedly says he intends to give up some of his five portfolios … [Read More...]

Parents of pregnant woman shot in Ofra attack: ‘She opened her eyes and cried’

Call for forceful response to terrorism, say government holding back … [Read More...]

IDF hunts Palestinian gunmen, raids PA’s official Wafa news agency in Ramallah

Clashes break out a few hundred meters away from Abbas’s house … [Read More...]

IDF releases seismic audio of Hezbollah digging into Israel

A glimpse into engineers and intel soldiers searching for attack … [Read More...]

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