With boundless optimism but few specifics, Trump lays out Mideast peace vision

Calls on Israelis and Palestinians to put aside ‘pain and disagreements’ … [Read More...]

Bolstered by Saudis, Trump sees chance for ‘new level’ of Israel-Arab ties

Says attitudes in Riyadh ‘really very positive’ toward Jerusalem … [Read More...]

Trump to Abbas: Peace won’t come where violence ‘rewarded’

Says PA leader and Netanyahu ‘ready to work toward peace in good faith’ … [Read More...]

Survivor moved to tears at Yad Vashem; Trump says Holocaust ‘darkest hour’

Yad Vashem officials play down criticism over brevity of visit … [Read More...]

Knesset was Trump’s first-choice venue – but rowdy MKs kept him away

Lawmakers have disrupted Knesset speeches by several world leaders … [Read More...]

Turkey accuses imprisoned American pastor of giving ‘special’ sermons to Kurds

Kurdish militia groups press for autonomy … [Read More...]

Egypt indicts 48 suspects over ISIS Coptic church bombings

More than 70 people died in suicide attacks in Cairo, Tanta and Alexandria … [Read More...]

Trump, Israel and the importance of symbols

Israel needs a full bodied hug to feel secure and for its enemies to see … [Read More...]

Simply by saying he loves it and stands with it, Trump wins over Israel

Showered Israel with praise, visited Western Wall -- enough for now … [Read More...]

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Trump makes history as first serving US president to visit Western Wall

Slips a prayer into its stones after stroll to Church of Holy … [Read More...]

Trump at the Western Wall: a carefully calibrated act of respect

The president stood alone, swaying a little, maybe praying a little … [Read More...]

Terrorist shot dead attacking border policemen near Jerusalem

Stabbing attempt occurs east of capital as Trump visits Old City … [Read More...]

Palestinians strike in support of prisoners as Trump arrives in Israel

Shops, restaurants, schools close in West Bank, east Jerusalem, and … [Read More...]

Ivanka ‘Yael’ touches Jewish hearts with tears at the Kotel

Even hardened pundits applaud her quiet moment at the Western Wall … [Read More...]

Syrian refugee will lead effort to monitor Arab media

Hendi spent 40 days in prison before escaping to America … [Read More...]

Trump’s historic Israel visit in pictures

Take a look at some of the iconic images … [Read More...]

Trump’s Riyadh initiative is a game changer for Israel

Trump has injected Netanyahu’s strategic objective with steroids … [Read More...]

Making history is a good start but not sufficient to make peace

It’s not enough to achieve Trump’s goal of brokering‘ultimate deal’ … [Read More...]

Saudi FM: Trump can broker Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and we’ll help

Speaking for king, Adel al-Jubeir hails president’s ‘vision’ … [Read More...]

Israeli, Indian firms ink $630 million missile defense deal

IAI signs second largest defense contract in defense industry’s … [Read More...]

Trump inks huge $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia

Mammoth defense agreement a ‘significant expansion’ of US-Saudi ties … [Read More...]

‘Horrified’ Israeli intel officials ‘were shouting at US counterparts’ over Trump leak

Tense meetings between sides after president reveals classified info … [Read More...]

Russia’s persecution of Christians intensifies

Putin can't be trusted, experts warn … [Read More...]

Advocate condemns ‘underreported’ Christian genocide, ‘war on women’

The real war: women tortured for their faith by terrorists like ISIS … [Read More...]

Israeli-American coalition takes on ‘enemy’ aircraft in South

Ahead of Trump visit, pilots from both air forces fly together in … [Read More...]

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