At least 35 killed in suicide bombings at Istanbul airport

More than 80 wounded, some critically; Islamic State believed responsible … [Read More...]

After days of riots, PM reinforces ban on MKs at Temple Mount

Netanyahu cancels lifting of moratorium on politicians’ trips to holy site … [Read More...]

UNRWA school in Gaza hides map of ‘historic Palestine’ as Ban visits

UN chief calls Israeli blockade ‘collective punishment’ … [Read More...]

Jewish terrorist gets two life sentences for murdering Palestinians

Tytell says he has no regrets and is proud of what he had done … [Read More...]

ADL slams Presbyterian Church decision to explore two-state alternatives

Praises those who support the Jewish right to self-determination … [Read More...]

Eisenkot ends contentious IDF Hannibal Protocol

Rule let massive force be used to avoid soldiers being captured … [Read More...]

Cave Church in Egypt attracts 70,000 Christians weekly to worship Jesus

Home to one of the world's oldest Christian communities … [Read More...]

The Presbyterian voice

‘Prayerfully study the call for BDS against the State of Israel’ … [Read More...]

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