Netanyahu says ‘no substitute’ for US role in peace process

PM: Trump declaration makes this year's holiday 'extra special' … [Read More...]

Arab Israelis protest US Jerusalem move outside Tel Aviv embassy

Arab MKs wave Palestinian flags, call city 'capital of Palestine' … [Read More...]

Evangelical leaders pray with Trump in Oval Office

Present president with 'Friends of Zion' award … [Read More...]

Funeral for ultra-Orthodox spiritual leader draws hundreds of thousands

Police close off roads for burial of Rabbi Aharon Yehudah Leib Steinman,104 … [Read More...]

Galilee ‘Loaves’ church arsonist sentenced to four years

Yinon Reuveni's jail term to start from arrest two and a half years ago … [Read More...]

How much money is Qatar spending on a facelift for Gaza?

Qatar transforming former Israeli settlements into snazzy new apartments … [Read More...]

In porcupines’ den, mother and daughter discover 2,200-year-old Hasmonean lamp

Just in time for Hanukka, proof of how Maccabees 'expelled the darkness' … [Read More...]

On Netanyahu’s European trip, fantasies clash with reality

PM urges accepting facts, says most of EU will move embassies to capital … [Read More...]

Changing times

High-profile citizens of Bahrain visit Israel despite Trump’s declaration … [Read More...]

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Netanyahu tells EU to stop ‘spoiling’ the Palestinians

Says unlike EU, Trump told Palestinians the truth about Jerusalem … [Read More...]

Putin: US move on Jerusalem may ‘finish prospects’ for Israeli-Palestinian peace

In Turkey, Russian leader warns change 'destabilizes’ region … [Read More...]

IDF responds to Gaza rockets with attacks on Hamas targets

Monday's exchange the latest in a surge of low-level violence … [Read More...]

Second Jewish house of worship in Sweden attacked with firebombs

Chapel hit two days after synagogue as marchers call to 'shoot the … [Read More...]

Shas head Deri threatens to quit government unless Shabbat bill clears vote

No coalition majority for bill to shutter mini-markets on Sabbath … [Read More...]

Shivering residents in northwestern Syria burn secondhand clothing for warmth

As winter arrives secondhand clothing is cheaper than firewood or … [Read More...]

Archeologists uncover bittersweet end of 1,800-year-old Tiberias menorah

From a Jewish grave, to the base of a mosque and a Crusader sugar … [Read More...]

Reconciliation with Turkey was a mistake, Lapid says

Yesh Atid leader calls to recognize Armenian genocide, 'bury' gas … [Read More...]

Costly Israel

Israelis pay more for basic goods, which lowers the quality of life … [Read More...]

PM says Erdogan bombs villages and helps terrorists ‘kill innocent people’

Turkish president calls Israel a 'terror state' that 'kills children' … [Read More...]

France’s Macron urges Netanyahu to ‘show courage’ for peace push

Reiterates opposition to Jerusalem recognition … [Read More...]

Security guard seriously wounded in Jerusalem terrorist stabbing

Victim stabbed in heart; police arrest suspect … [Read More...]

IDF destroys second cross-border Hamas tunnel in recent weeks

New technology means the tunnel threat soon to be overcome … [Read More...]

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv against corruption; Likud slams ‘division’

Likud criticizes left-wing groups for not presenting 'a united front’ … [Read More...]

Egypt’s Coptic leader cancels Pence meeting over recognition of Jerusalem

Says Washington didn’t ‘consider the feelings of millions of people’ … [Read More...]

‘Humans of Tel Aviv’ celebrates 10-year anniversary of Nalaga’at Center

Only theater company for deaf-blind actors with Usher’s Syndrome … [Read More...]

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