Gov’t votes to end weekend corona restrictions, try to open skies

In slap in face of Netanyahu, coronavirus cabinet sides with new czar … [Read More...]

Israeli MD to Lebanon: ‘Please, please put politics aside, accept our help’

If Hezbollah keeps Israeli aid from Lebanese, they’ll be its victims … [Read More...]

Gimme shelters: Comptroller says millions have nowhere to run from rockets

Report finds that plans to improve access to bomb shelters have foundered … [Read More...]

New robot to enable faster coronavirus tests in the IDF

IDF lab preserves the military’s operational preparedness … [Read More...]

Beirut blast may see Lebanese scrutiny turn to Hezbollah’s weapon stores

Terrorists liable to catch flak for storing explosives in urban areas … [Read More...]

Israeli Arabs welcomed in Saudi Arabia

Diplomatic breakthrough or cynical ploy? … [Read More...]

Will Beirut blast make Hezbollah remove arsenal from residential areas?

Lebanon was already on the brink of collapse when the explosion took place … [Read More...]

Hezbollah’s continuing stranglehold

Terrorist group prefers the Lebanese suffer, rather than accept Israeli aid … [Read More...]

More than 100 killed in Beirut Port blast

Lebanese Red Cross says more than 4,000 injured, warns toll could rise … [Read More...]

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Knesset panel mulls opening of skies, as thousands of students get okay to enter

Should be ‘one rule for all’; ministry nixes pilgrimage to Ukraine … [Read More...]

800,000 Israeli adults begin to receive government coronavirus handouts

Most to get NIS 750; those on pensions and allowances to get double … [Read More...]

Scared of COVID, heart attack patients waste ‘golden hour’ before hospitalizing

Delaying ER arrival due to virus fears causes 60% increase in worst … [Read More...]

140 new immigrants from France touch down in Israel

Many new arrivals cite anti-Semitism as the reason they left Europe … [Read More...]

Paleolithic flint tools are 1st ‘breadcrumbs’ of modern man’s trail to Israel

100,000-year-old tools discovered outside Dimona in the Negev … [Read More...]

How white supremacy came to dominate evangelical Christianity and the GOP

How loss of primacy in American society fueled a white-grievance … [Read More...]

Hezbollah looted Lebanon and it will cost $93b. to bail it out

Economy in tailspin, virus nixes remittances, Beirut defaults on bonds … [Read More...]

Israel must remain open to all Diaspora Jews, not just students

We should not turn away Jews, including during the COVID-19 pandemic … [Read More...]

Israel must remain open to all Diaspora Jews, not just students

We should not turn away Jews, including during the COVID-19 pandemic … [Read More...]

After rocket attack, Israel hits ‘underground’ Hamas targets in Gaza

Sirens triggered in Sderot and surroundings; missile fragments damage … [Read More...]

IDF finds gun, more explosives left behind by would-be attackers on Syria border

Senior officers meet UN officials at site, say Syria to be held … [Read More...]

World’s largest cargo plane lands in Israel

Antonov An-225 brings US military trucks to be fitted with Iron Dome … [Read More...]

Opposition MKs rap virus czar for approving entry of 17,000 foreign students

Liberman warns Israel will pay a ‘heavy price’ for decision … [Read More...]

Hebrew University archaeologist says he found ‘face of God’

Warnings against idolatry are one of the most recurring themes in the … [Read More...]

Chinese police shutter house churches nationwide

Order country’s Christians to stop believing in God … [Read More...]

Plague to protein: Israeli firm Hargol Foodtech seeks to put locusts on the menu

But will need to overcome ‘yuck factor’ and win kosher certification … [Read More...]

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