Virus czar seeks to ease restrictions in some ultra-Orthodox areas

Gamzu to lift rules in Beitar Illit, Modiin Illit to match country … [Read More...]

Flu could shut newly opened schools, says doc, amid worries over vaccine supply

'Twindemic' effect may keep kids home, if flu shots not given as needed … [Read More...]

Trump drops Sudan from US terrorism list in precursor to normalization with Israel

Pressured by Washington, nation would be 3rd Muslim country to normalize … [Read More...]

Knesset health expert charges lawmakers ignoring professional advice

Says most politicians have already made their minds up on political lines … [Read More...]

IDF unprepared for chemical attacks, comptroller report warns

Troops, cleanup units insufficiently trained to fight chemical warfare … [Read More...]

Israeli Chamber of Commerce signs deal with Bahraini counterpart

Says Bahrain is a potential gateway to the Saudi market … [Read More...]

Israelis, Palestinians learn lessons of conflict and trust from Northern Ireland

In a virtual event held by bridge-building nonprofit Tech2Peace … [Read More...]

American-Israelis weigh in on Trump vs Biden

63.3% of Israelis favor Trump, compared to just 18.8% who support Biden … [Read More...]

Is Netanyahu turning Israel into an unhealthy democracy?

Not only physical well-being, but the health of our society is being tested … [Read More...]

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Gantz: Israel will do whatever it takes to stop Iran rearming as UN embargo ends

Defense minister calls on countries around the world to confront … [Read More...]

Hundreds of Haredi schools in high-infection areas reopen in violation of rules

Ultra-Orthodox rebellion after top rabbi tells boys’ classes to resume … [Read More...]

Pre-teen girl, other anti-government protesters, pepper-sprayed in string of assaults

Police arrest several suspected of attacks in Tel Aviv, Haifa and … [Read More...]

Top PLO official Erekat, sick with COVID, hospitalized in Israel

Palestinian negotiator in Jerusalem’s Hadassah after condition worsens … [Read More...]

Saudi FM pushes Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, nixes imminent normalization

Says kingdom focused on bringing the sides back to the negotiating … [Read More...]

Study: COVID survives on skin for nine hours – five times longer than flu

Japanese researchers say findings show need for frequent handwashing … [Read More...]

Landing in Bahrain, top Israeli official says Jerusalem seeks ‘genuine peace’

Bahrain FM: ‘Visit marks another step to a truly peaceful Middle East’ … [Read More...]

Israeli tourism lost NIS 12.1b. this year due to COVID-19

September alone saw a 96% drop: 15,100 vs. 405,000 the year before … [Read More...]

Caring for others

Israelis must care about one another to beat the pandemic … [Read More...]

As shopkeepers burn wares, Netanyahu says world talking of Israel’s lockdown success

But small businesses say government has abandoned them … [Read More...]

As cases drop to 2,000, virus czar says threshold for easing lockdown is close

Gamzu to recommend removing measures, but warns of possible reversal … [Read More...]

Halfway through birth, Tel Aviv doctors open baby’s tumor-blocked airway

With the baby’s head in doctors’ hands and the body still in uterus … [Read More...]

US firm Nvidia to employ 100 West Bank engineers as salaried workers

Israel’s Mellanox, which Nvidia bought, had employed them as … [Read More...]

After wedding shutdown, family of bride says cops shattered bottle on son’s head

Officer says cops were target of a ‘pogrom,’ counters claims of … [Read More...]

Man arrested for fire extinguisher attack on anti-Netanyahu protesters

Suspect accused of spraying protesters with flame-retardant foam … [Read More...]

Christianity deeply rooted in Judaism, new Bible translation claims

The Romans imposed the name Palestine to remind the Jews of the … [Read More...]

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