Nadav Argaman

Netanyahu taps Nadav Argaman as new head of Shin Bet

New director is current No. 2 of domestic security service … [Read More...]

Syrian troops

Diplomats hammer out deal for temporary Syria truce

To take effect in week, but Kerry admits commitment is only ‘on paper’ … [Read More...]


Israel creating first ever sculpture in outer space

Project will beam up a digital version of human laughter to a 3D printer … [Read More...]


Century after Einstein predicted them, gravitational waves are seen

In landmark discovery, billion-year-old vibration in space-time reaches US … [Read More...]

Cruz speaks

Cruz defends evangelist who said God sent Hitler to hunt Jews

Campaign ‘welcomes support’ from faith leaders including Mike Bickle … [Read More...]

Spanish cartoon

Spanish cartoon shows IDF soldiers molesting Jesus, Palestinians

Jewish leaders to file complaint of hate speech, ‘pure anti-Semitism’ … [Read More...]

WOW on camera

Reform communities set to boycott Israeli minister as war of words escalates

‘Levin won’t teach us what it means to support Israel,’ say US Reform Jews … [Read More...]

Baghdad candle

Congress considering safe zone for persecuted Assyrians, Yazidis in Iraq

Displaced Iraqi Christians have no homes to return to … [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders campaigns

Sanders and Judaism

The first time a Jew won a presidential primary – and US hardly noticed … [Read More...]

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