wounded ambulance

Israeli man wounded in West Bank terrorist shooting dies in Jerusalem hospital

Malachi Rosenfeld, 27, to be buried in his settlement of Kohav Hashahar … [Read More...]

Hamas Gaza rally

Shin Bet chief says Palestinian terrorist attacks up 50% since 2012

Agency foiled 130 mostly Hamas terrorist cells in 2014; 60 in 2015 so far … [Read More...]

United Church of Christ

Israel slams US church boycott as immoral

United Church of Christ BDS move in West Bank is ‘demonization’ of Israel … [Read More...]

Somali soldier

Al-Shabaab jihadists vow to attack Christians during Ramadan

Aim to give 'non-believers' a 'true taste of jihad' … [Read More...]

Dome of the Rock tourists

Israel, Jordan said discussing opening Dome of the Rock to non-Muslims

Paying tourists, banned since 2000, seen as way to keep peace … [Read More...]

Geneva pro-Israel demo

As UN vents on Gaza, Jews and Christians festively argue Israel’s case

Demonstrators from across Europe commiserate about biased organization … [Read More...]

Palmyra panorama

Fighting for the ruins of Christian Iraq

Returning Chaldean man sees hope for Christians within Kurdistan … [Read More...]

Byzantine mosaic

Ancient mosaic found under Nazareth’s Church of Annunciation

Archeologists find decorations dating to 4th century below courtyard … [Read More...]


Hezbollah and the traffic in counterfeit Captagon

Drug creates feeling of euphoria that causes extreme and wild behavior … [Read More...]

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