Amid talk of Obama peace push, Israel invokes his vow not to impose solution

Speculation that president would want to leave a Middle East marker … [Read More...]

Sinai attacks decline as Egypt’s fight against IS yields results

Targeted bombing of Islamic State’s Jabal Hilal stronghold is heavy blow … [Read More...]

Military Police questions soldier who shot dead unarmed Palestinian

Soldier reportedly suspected of ‘causing death’ in Silwad shooting … [Read More...]

Norwegian government funds organization supporting BDS campaigns

Oslo responds that they oppose delegitimization of Israel … [Read More...]

Brussels Airlines rescinds ban on Israeli halva made in settlement

Israeli embassies fought issue after scandal over sesame snack erupted … [Read More...]

It’s not un-Christian to be worried about refugee resettlement in America

Concern over US resettling minuscule number of Christian refugees … [Read More...]

Millennia before writing, ancient Holy Land etchings tracked passage of seasons

16,500-year-old carved bird’s head one of oldest ritual objects ever found … [Read More...]

Is Hamas in the midst of an internal struggle, or just wary of war with Israel?

Its military wing has worked diligently to thwart rocket fire into Israel … [Read More...]

Sisi and Egypt’s Christians: a passing crisis or the end of an alliance?

A number of attacks have occurred against Coptic homes and churches … [Read More...]

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