Kushner in Bahrain: Economic prosperity is pathway to Middle East peace

New way is needed, for world moves forward but Palestinians remain behind … [Read More...]

In trilateral Jerusalem summit, Russia sides with Iran, against Israel and US

Russia supports Tehran’s claim US drone was shot down in Iranian airspace … [Read More...]

‘I’m innocent!’ freed Palestinian rape suspect declares, hugging his family

55 days after arrest, Mahmoud Qadusa walks due to lack of evidence … [Read More...]

Hamas warns ceasefire in danger as Israel cuts fuel supply over arson attacks

UN delegation arrives in Gaza for talks with terrorist group’s leaders … [Read More...]

12 Palestinians wounded by IDF fire in anti-Bahrain protest

Palestinians strongly object to the American peace initiative … [Read More...]

Christians speak out as migrant children are detained without soap, hygiene needs

Reports describe horrifying conditions inside federal facilities on border … [Read More...]

James Caan’s latest character: A Jew who moves to Israel to become a pig farmer

Sentimental movie about ’fractured family’ of American Jews … [Read More...]

Fourth of July fireworks

The Trump administration blames Iran for tanker attacks, downing drone … [Read More...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez desecrates the Holocaust

Last week Holocaust memory in America hit a whole new low … [Read More...]

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Putin adviser: Israel’s security important–Russian ‘countrymen’ are here

Patrushev in the country at the instructions of Russian President … [Read More...]

Thousands protest planned deportations of foreign worker children in Tel Aviv

Interior Ministry set to expel 50 Israeli-born children and their … [Read More...]

13 fires sparked in southern Israel by Gazan balloons

Two blazes rage at Alumim forest and adjacent to Nir Am reservoir … [Read More...]

Israelis and Palestinians take bike Ride for Peace on Gaza border

Participants could run 10-15 km., bike 9 km. or bike 20 km. off-road … [Read More...]

Worshipers seek Nigerian televangelist’s blessing in Nazareth

Other pilgrims came from China, Russia, Africa and South America … [Read More...]

Rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram snags two golds at European Games

Olympic medal hopeful also wins two silver medals in Minsk competition … [Read More...]

Israeli company debuts ‘world’s first’ all-electric plane

Eviation’s Alice generates buzz at the Paris Air Show … [Read More...]

Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor isn’t Chernobyl, but does have vulnerabilities

Core in service far longer than intended, experts warn of risk … [Read More...]

Bahrain opportunity

Scornful Abbas: ‘Before anything, there must be a political solution’ … [Read More...]

Bolton warns Iran not to mistake US ‘prudence’ for ‘weakness’

Says Tehran has not been granted a ‘hunting license in the Middle … [Read More...]

Abbas: Before improving our economy, there must be a political solution

Says 'there is no potential for a political solution' with Trump … [Read More...]

Despite official boycott, Palestinian business delegation to attend Bahrain meet

Representing small- and medium-sized enterprises across West Bank … [Read More...]

New Liberman campaign video promises government without haredim

Shows Netanyahu: ‘Voting for him? You’ll get them’—the ultra-Orthodox … [Read More...]

Palestinians to ask ICC to probe PA for allegedly torturing them

To file complaint with the ICC in The Hague on Monday … [Read More...]

Christian Pakistani girls sold into sex trafficking in China

Poor girls expecting to marry rich businessmen are forced into sex … [Read More...]

Beijing’s new airport to use radar technology by Israeli company Xsight

Will alert officials about debris, birds, and other runway hazards … [Read More...]

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