Israeli, UAE fighter jets fly together in large international exercise in Greece

Air forces from eight countries take part in the drill … [Read More...]

Despondent Likud intensifies attack on Bennett as coalition-building flounders

PM’s party assails Yamina chief as possessing ‘uncontrollable ambition’ … [Read More...]

Health Ministry set to recommend allowing concerts with crowds of 50,000

If infections stay low, massive performances for Green Pass holders … [Read More...]

Jewish extremists plan rally in Jerusalem’s Old City amid rising racial tensions

Police in force as Lehava anti-miscegenation group marches to Damascus Gate … [Read More...]

Israeli study boosts belief vaccinated mothers protect babies through their milk

For 6 weeks after first COVID shot, nursing moms’ milk antibody-rich … [Read More...]

Meet the organization helping West Bank Palestinians keep their homes, land

Ta’ayush works to break down racism through Arab-Jewish partnership … [Read More...]

Settlers, Palestinians dream of joint Hebron hotel at kosher Iftar feast

Religious ties bind Jews and Muslims, descendants of the biblical Abraham … [Read More...]

As Iran and the US move cautiously toward a deal, Israel needs a new approach

Ongoing covert actions unlikely to stop a deal both US and Iran want … [Read More...]

Israel needs egos set aside, not personal reforms in politics

Israel's 1990s direct election for prime minister was an utter failure … [Read More...]

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Ashkenazi: World must act to stop Iran from getting future bomb

Vienna talks aim for Iran to scale back its enrichment from 60% … [Read More...]

SEC charges Israel’s main binary options firm, and its 2 chiefs, with vast fraud

SpotOption and owners defrauded US investors out of at least $100m … [Read More...]

Rivlin, PA’s Abbas share Ramadan phone call, discuss ‘regional issues’

Two leaders last publicly spoke in March 2020, at outset of the … [Read More...]

Ultra-Orthodox mob locks cops in building; then suspect flees dressed as woman

Three officers hurt in Mea Shearim as arrest raid turns violent … [Read More...]

Several Arabs attacked as Jerusalem mob chants ‘death to Arabs’; 6 arrested

Witnesses: Jewish youth sought out Arabs, after Arabs beat haredim … [Read More...]

ISIS executes Coptic businessman in Egypt

Sends message to 'all crusaders in the world' … [Read More...]

US Embassy in Israel has 15,000 passport backlog due to COVID rules

In normal year, the embassy is one of the busiest--before the pandemic … [Read More...]

THC tests are unreliable indicators for impaired driving, says US Justice Dept.

In March the Israel Police picked a test whose purpose the US … [Read More...]

It’s time to terminate the PA’s terrorist pay-for-slay program

Israel’s tax-withholding has not moved the PA from its despicable … [Read More...]

In blow to Netanyahu, Arab MKs help anti-Bibi bloc win control of Knesset

Anti-Bibi bloc aims to replace ally, speaker Levin; PM: Bennett … [Read More...]

Number of serious coronavirus patients drops below 200

At last year's peak, some 1,200 people were in serious condition … [Read More...]

Israeli hospital reports 65% drop in serious asthma cases due to mask-wearing

Sheba credits widespread use of masks outdoors during pandemic … [Read More...]

ironSource, valued at $11b, said still ‘scratching surface’ of potential

Ad-tech firm claims highest valuation of an Israeli firm pre-US share … [Read More...]

Parents of abducted Nigerian schoolgirls oppose government ban on paying ransoms

‘Terrorists threaten to kill our children or marry them if no ransom’ … [Read More...]

Hundreds of Palestinians clash with police by Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate

Water cannons, mounted police dispersed crowd, 3 held, 5th day of … [Read More...]

The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt was initially dubbed ‘fake news’ by some US Jews

New book traces the immediate aftermath of Holocaust’s most famous … [Read More...]

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