IDF general: Hezbollah still planning Galilee invasion, despite anti-tunnel op

Ground Forces chief predicts decisive Israeli victory in a future war … [Read More...]

Hamas: Israel agreed to lift Gaza import restrictions on many ‘dual-use’ goods

Warns that Gazans could renew incendiary balloon launches, protests … [Read More...]

Trump envoy pans new Palestinian prime minister for prejudging peace plan

PA says any initiative must establish a sovereign Palestinian state … [Read More...]

Activists, journalists detained over Passover sacrifice attempt at Temple Mount

‘Haaretz’ editor calls to release seized cameras and equipment … [Read More...]

Justice Ministry, battle with High Court in focus as Netanyahu builds coalition

PM intends to limit court’s ability to overturn laws … [Read More...]

Easter in Jerusalem 2019

A rundown of the annual religious events in the Old City … [Read More...]

Medieval Haggadah on public exhibit after a century

The manuscript features seventy-five water color paintings … [Read More...]

As US appears to back West Bank annexations, is its peace plan dead on arrival?

Some expect Trump to shelve plan indefinitely … [Read More...]

We were once slaves, but now we are free

At our Seder tonight, we should think about what that means … [Read More...]

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President Rivlin officially taps Netanyahu to form next government

Urges PM to soothe divides after tumultuous election campaign … [Read More...]

Trump peace plan to be unveiled after Ramadan in early June, Kushner says

Tells diplomats in US to keep ‘open mind’ over long-awaited proposal … [Read More...]

IDF shoots down targets in test of Patriot, Iron Dome air defense systems

Successful exercise checked preparedness of soldiers and missile … [Read More...]

Half-dozen attempts to restart moon lander’s engine failed, Beresheet probe finds

Team hopes second mission can be completed within two years … [Read More...]

Pete Buttigieg stops calling Mike Pence a ‘Pharisee’ because it offends Jews

Wrong word to describe the hypocrisy of Pence and other evangelicals … [Read More...]

Exiled Somali official fired for pro-Israel views, demands an apology

Abdullahi Dool fled after calling Palestinians ‘idiots and losers’ … [Read More...]

Hadassah’s agricultural school goes back to Zionist roots to help at-risk youth

Youth village teens from most vulnerable populations get tools for … [Read More...]

Beresheet may have crashed, but for a moment we raised our eyes to the heavens

We looked beyond our own small worlds and let our imaginations soar … [Read More...]

New US law could protect Middle East Jewish cemeteries, historical property

Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad Act cares for assets left … [Read More...]

PA foreign minister: Abbas ready to meet Netanyahu if Russia plays host

Says Palestinians will reject any deal that excludes independence … [Read More...]

After final vote tally, Rivlin to ask Netanyahu today to form new coalition

Following consultations with parties, 21st Knesset to be sworn in … [Read More...]

Fire breaks out near mosque on Temple Mount

In corner of mount near the stairs up to the Al-Aqsa Mosque … [Read More...]

Activist in Jewish-Arab coexistence group suffers humiliation at airport

US citizen interrogated, searched, forced to board without belongings … [Read More...]

Court frees Pakistani Christian teen raped and tortured in forced Islamic marriage

Shalet Masih, 15, rescued by a police raid at home of her captor … [Read More...]

Coptic Christians without church for Easter following mob attack

Children traumatized and three injured in attack on Egyptian church … [Read More...]

Pupils discover 1,600-year-old gold coin of emperor who abolished Sanhedrin

Theodosian law code officially made Jews second-class citizens … [Read More...]

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