Shimon Peres, former president and veteran Israeli statesman, dies at 93

Last of Israel’s founding fathers dies two weeks after a stroke … [Read More...]

Palestinians left wondering as Saudi paper takes Netanyahu’s side

‘Saudi Gazette’ departs from usual Arab blaming of Israel … [Read More...]

Israel’s population stands at 8.585 million at Jewish New Year

Average Jewish birth rate rises while Muslim birth rate falls … [Read More...]

Ben-Gurion researchers uncover unique evolutionary signature in autism genes

Make progress in understanding which genes cause the disorder … [Read More...]

Support for writer’s assassin triggers alarm in Jordan

Hattar shot on steps of Palace of Justice, on trial for insulting Islam … [Read More...]

Christian teacher told to convert or die in Pakistan

Must choose between Islam or death for speaking out about hate preaching … [Read More...]

Al-Azhar condemns murder of Jordanian writer shot over cartoon

Extrajudicial killings are ‘unacceptable’ and banned by Islamic law … [Read More...]

Marking 75 years since the infamous Babi Yar massacre

‘There is no Ukrainian history without Jewish history’ … [Read More...]

Peres, strategic thinker

Shimon Peres had always been proactive … [Read More...]

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