‘We must address terrible nuclear deal’ with Iran, Netanyahu tells Trump

President focuses on Palestinians and ‘a good chance’ for peace … [Read More...]

PM meets with US Jewish leaders in shadow of Western Wall crisis

They ask Netanyahu to 'clarify' his position on egalitarian prayer platform … [Read More...]

IDF, US Army celebrate inauguration of first American base in Israel

‘The first time we have an American flag flying at an IDF base’ … [Read More...]

Protesters for disabled rights block traffic ahead of Knesset debate

Slow-moving convoy chokes Route 1 in latest push for increased stipends … [Read More...]

Officials to look into police violence after clash with ultra-Orthodox

Public security minister says it seems cops used excessive force … [Read More...]

Hope and despair on the streets of Damascus

Half of Syria’s Christians have abandoned the country … [Read More...]

The 4’11” Jewish woman who entered the lion’s den to spy on Nazi Germany

'I was very lucky,' says 97-year-old Marthe Cohn … [Read More...]

Have Amona ‘refugees’ found a recipe for post-evacuation success?

42 families from illegal outpost poised for a better fate … [Read More...]

Stop police brutality

The groups that suffer from police brutality are diverse … [Read More...]

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Violent clashes as hundreds of ultra-Orthodox rally against IDF draft

8 protesters arrested after clashing with police, blocking roads … [Read More...]

In overture to Fatah, Hamas agrees to dissolve its governing body in Gaza

Also consents to PA to taking over Gaza and holding elections … [Read More...]

Rabbinate expanding marriage blacklists for ‘questionable’ Jewish immigrants

Rabbis methodically barring olim of Jewish heritage from marrying in … [Read More...]

Under the radar, Belarus seen quietly helping Assad boost missile program

Minsk linked to Syrian military facility allegedly bombed by Israel … [Read More...]

Bahrain king denounces Arab boycott of Israel, says countrymen may visit

Plans to establish a Museum of Religious Tolerance … [Read More...]

China makes massive investment in Israeli lab meat technology

$300 million deal with Israeli hi-tech companies battling global … [Read More...]

A win for BDS? Israeli Bible Marathon kicked out of international forum

Because Israeli Bible Marathon runs through West Bank … [Read More...]

Why Miri Regev should go see ‘Foxtrot’

Our culture minister would hate parts of it, but she should watch it … [Read More...]

Justice undeferred

Ultra-Orthodox declare war on Supreme Court's ruling to draft haredim … [Read More...]

Trump to Jewish leaders: Hopes for ‘significant progress’ soon on Mideast peace

President condemns antisemitism in High Holy Days conference call … [Read More...]

Settlers uproot Palestinian olive trees for third time in a week

12 trees in fields belonging to Palestinian farmers found destroyed … [Read More...]

The state can’t negate residency of Jerusalemites working with Hamas

High Court orders state to explain why it is holding terrorists’ … [Read More...]

Coalition tensions brewing over haredi military exemption law

Disputes over haredi draft threaten to weaken the governing coalition … [Read More...]

Mayim Bialik, Michael Douglas join call for religious freedom in Israel

Urges reforms for civil marriage and gender equality at holy sites … [Read More...]

Iran pays $830 million to Hezbollah

Islamic Republic is also largest backer of Hamas's militant wing … [Read More...]

Christians, Muslims unite to protest against Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims flee ethnic cleansing in Myanmar … [Read More...]

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