UNRWA runs on fumes and Band-Aids, can’t be fixed, Greenblatt warns UNSC

Trump and UNRWA to hold economic parleys on same day … [Read More...]

‘Override’ law to save Netanyahu from trial will be part of coalition deal

PM’s next government set to relegislate laws Supreme Court strikes down … [Read More...]

Gazan arson balloons blamed for at least 11 fires in South

Firefighters warn of hot, dry weather feeding fires … [Read More...]

Netanyahu’s pre-indictment hearing postponed until October

Attorney general says public interest is for a ‘speedy resolution’ … [Read More...]

40 injured at Meron Lag Ba’Omer event, fake measles rumor spreads

Rumor of a measles outbreak at the organization's clinic … [Read More...]

Christian teen in Pakistan raped and forcefully converted to Islam

Neha Pervaiz, 15, raped, forced to convert, married to Muslim, 45 … [Read More...]

It’s not what Goliath drank, but ancient yeast brews still bring giant flavor

‘Philistine’ beer made from 3,000-year-old strain found at Gath … [Read More...]

Not just Netanyahu: The other 4 lawmakers who may need immunity from prosecution

Gambit to save PM could also help prevent corruption charges against others … [Read More...]

Trump has ‘trumped’ the Islamic Mafia

Islamic entities have held back the Arab world and peace for decades … [Read More...]

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US invites Israel to Bahrain confab on Palestinians

Jerusalem likely to accept offer; PA rejects conference … [Read More...]

AG refuses Netanyahu request to put off pre-trial hearing by a year

Mandelblit inclined to push back July date only to September or … [Read More...]

Israel extends Gaza fishing zone, apparently as part of ceasefire with Hamas

Palestinians permitted to fish up to 15 nautical miles from the coast … [Read More...]

WJC chief slams Polish PM: ‘Poles profiteered from Jewish assets for decades’

Ron Lauder says Morawiecki’s comments are ‘alarming in the extreme’ … [Read More...]

Four more Christians executed in Burkina Faso

The third attack on Christian community in a span of only 15 days … [Read More...]

Bill to stop Netanyahu corruption indictment reaches Knesset

Law would shield PM from indictments for fraud, breach of trust, … [Read More...]

High Court rules archaeologists’ identities and digs in West Bank remain undisclosed

Is there one law for data inside the Green Line and another law in … [Read More...]

Price of expanding cabinet: Up to NIS 300m just in expenses and bureaucracy

2014 law limits cabinet to 18 ministers; PM to hand out 26-28 … [Read More...]

Protecting lone soldiers

Some 7,000 lone soldiers are currently serving, half are new … [Read More...]

Hamas and Israel deny report of six-month truce

Palestinian reporter calls it ‘fake news’; Otzma: ‘humiliating … [Read More...]

Iran increases enrichment of uranium by fourfold

Says the cap no longer applies in reaction to US withdrawal from deal … [Read More...]

IDF tests new pinpointed rocket alert system in northern Israel

Sirens to sound in individual towns, as opposed to larger regions … [Read More...]

Major Christian network TV studio in Jerusalem destroyed by arson

Firebomb causes severe damage to the Christian Broadcasting Network … [Read More...]

Al-Jazeera suspends two journalists for questioning the Holocaust

Video doubted number of Jews killed, said Jews exploit Holocaust … [Read More...]

Haredi mother of five from Jerusalem wins Riga half-marathon

Beatie Deutsch, 29, is first ultra-Orthodox woman to win the race … [Read More...]

When nine senators celebrated a Passover seder at 30,000 feet over Vietnam

Jill Cooper Udall, wife of NM Senator Tom Udall, answers challenge … [Read More...]

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