Passover closure comes into effect, with all intercity travel banned

Roads empty throughout Israel as lockdown enacted ahead of holiday … [Read More...]

Six more die in Israel from coronavirus, bringing death toll to 71

Two residents of assisted living facility among fatalities; 9,404 cases … [Read More...]

Israel’s banks accused of ‘piggish’ behavior as businesses suffer credit squeeze

Experts, MKs outraged as interest rates raised on loans and mortgages … [Read More...]

Data show nearly 1/3rd of all virus cases centered in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak

Three-quarters of capital’s carriers live in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods … [Read More...]

Netanyahu: I’m willing to negotiate captives’ release with Hamas

Statement comes a day after Hamas leader offers a prisoner exchange … [Read More...]

At least 50 Nigerian Christians killed by Fulani attacks in March, NGO reports

Since start of 2020, more than 400 Christians were killed in Nigeria … [Read More...]

Holocaust-era Passover artifacts, images in new online Yad Vashem exhibit

Jews fulfilling religious obligations of Passover despite intense hardship … [Read More...]

As talks founder again, Netanyahu caught between Gantz and right-wing base

A last-minute outcry from the PM’s rightist flank forced a backtrack … [Read More...]

Passing over coronavirus this Passover

This pandemic will end. We have been tested before and we have come through … [Read More...]

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Israel set for nationwide lockdown from Tuesday afternoon to early Friday

Movement between cities reportedly to be banned for almost three days … [Read More...]

20 tons of medical equipment arrive in Israel from China on first flight of 11

Plane touches down with masks and protective suits; ventilators to … [Read More...]

Israeli, Chinese firms announce testing lab for Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza

BGI Group partners with AID GENOMICS to carry out 3,000 tests per day … [Read More...]

The IDF’s goal for Bnei Brak: 1,000 tons of food delivered by Passover

Troops have not encountered opposition: ‘The opposite is true’ … [Read More...]

More than 100,000 coronavirus cases in the Middle East

Coronavirus came to the region in February and rapidly spread to Iran … [Read More...]

Sri Lankan authorities arrest major suspect linked to 2019 Easter bombings

2019 terrorist attack was largestlargest assault on Christian … [Read More...]

On this seder night, cook whatever you wish

Chefs and food writers recommend making what you like, for once … [Read More...]

And you shall tell your children.’ This Passover more than ever

With so many dying, it's time to explain why the Jewish story matters … [Read More...]

The other deadly disease

Every death is a tragedy, but one tragic loss last week was overlooked … [Read More...]

Israel’s coronavirus death toll exceeds 50; cases climb to 8,611

Increased lockdown measures in several cities … [Read More...]

Virus carrier nabbed on bus to J’lem, accused of deliberately endangering public

Arrested for fleeing quarantine; 34 passengers ordered to self-isolate … [Read More...]

Three Jerusalem municipality workers attacked in ultra-Orthodox neighborhood

Police arrest Haredi suspects over knife assault requiring stitches … [Read More...]

IDF chief visits virus-stricken Bnei Brak as troops operate inside city

Military begins distributing aid to residents of ultra-Orthodox city … [Read More...]

PA repurposes West Bank hospital for virus cases after infected man visits site

Carrier walked through several sections of the medical facility … [Read More...]

PA bans Israeli goods to prevent spread of coronavirus

In the past, the PA banned the entry of settlement products … [Read More...]

Olive branches handed out on Palm Sunday in near-deserted Jerusalem

The beginning of Holy Week, commemorates Jesus's arrival in Jerusalem … [Read More...]

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