At Cairo talks, Palestinian factions call for elections by end of 2018

Leaders from 13 factions discuss return of PA to Gaza … [Read More...]

Selling holy land: Inside the Greek Patriarchate’s Jerusalem property deals

Patriarch seeks support for controversial multi-million-dollar deals … [Read More...]

Citing Quran, Kuwaiti pundit says Israel ‘a legitimate state,’ not an occupier

Abdullah Al-Hadlaq praises Israel, calls for alliance with Jewish state … [Read More...]

Three Jewish extremists indicted for throwing rocks at Palestinians

Kahane’s grandson among accused of attacks in 2014 … [Read More...]

Girl injured in 2011 Jerusalem bombing dies of her wounds

Hodaya Asulin had been in a coma since bus stop blast … [Read More...]

Jesus was more Jewish than you think, says Bible prof

In the Second Temple era, Judaism and Christianity overlapped … [Read More...]

AG: Knesset can’t seize Palestinian land for settler homes

Law infringes on right to private property protected by Basic Law … [Read More...]

Policing the police

Commander Ritman’s behavior did not stop at sexist remarks … [Read More...]

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Palestinians freeze all US contacts over threat to shutter PLO office in DC

Washington strives to bring Palestinians back to negotiations … [Read More...]

Indian-Israeli trade group warns nixing missile deal threatens relations

India to scrap $500 million deal for Israeli Spike anti-tank missiles … [Read More...]

Commanders reprimanded over killing of Palestinian in apparent misunderstanding

Military Police investigation continues … [Read More...]

Jordan holds firm on refusal to reopen Israeli Embassy

Not until embassy guard involved in killing two Jordanians is put on … [Read More...]

One Israeli man’s mission to bring ‘gospel back to Jewish people’

Jacob Damkani is focused on challenging replacement theology … [Read More...]

Medieval Christians who embraced Judaism

They risked their lives to become Jews … [Read More...]

British Library publishes treasure trove of Hebrew manuscripts

First bilingual online project lists 1,300 items in English and Hebrew … [Read More...]

40 years after historic visit, PM says he’s yet to meet ‘the Palestinian Sadat’

Opposition leader Herzog says country lacks 'the Israeli Begin' … [Read More...]

From Qom to Medina: Israeli Jew visits holy sites across Muslim world

‘I came as a friend,' he stresses … [Read More...]

Eyeing Iran in Syria, Liberman requests NIS 4.8 billion boost for IDF

Says recent changes in Syria make it harder to protect the country … [Read More...]

Putin hosts Syrian President Bashar Assad for talks in Russia

Assad, rarely seen outside Syria, travels to Sochi … [Read More...]

India moves to cancel $500m. missile deal with Israeli company

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems not aware of decision … [Read More...]

Army rescues three Israelis after Palestinians torch their car in Nablus

IDF grants entry to 1,000 Jewish worshipers to pray at Joseph's Tomb … [Read More...]

Police suppress Haredi draft protest with skunk water, force

At least 20 ultra-Orthodox rioters arrested … [Read More...]

Bartella Christians worry about city’s Shiafication

Hashd al-Shaabi forces systematically changing demography … [Read More...]

Ghetto-crafted brooch with husband’s message recovered near Auschwitz

Made in Lodz ghetto for Hinda Weiksel, murdered by Nazis … [Read More...]

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