For third time in a day, IDF conducts airstrikes over Gaza ‘fire balloons’

Sappers defuse balloon-borne incendiaries as fires break out across region … [Read More...]

Police, settler youth clash during clearing of illegal West Bank outpost Tapuah West

11 officers injured by hurled objects; settlers say cops' force excessive … [Read More...]

IAF strikes car of leader of cell launching incendiary kites and balloons

Palestinians claim car was empty at the time of the strike … [Read More...]

Are Netanyahu’s messages to the Iranians working?

‘The Iranian people’s cruel and tyrannical regime denies them vital water’ … [Read More...]

World Cup and Christian persecution

Seven countries top open doors' worst nations list … [Read More...]

Torah scrolls disappear from Damascus synagogue in fog of Syria war

Artifacts handed to rebel group in 2013 for safekeeping have gone missing … [Read More...]

BDS is a dirty business. Those who battle it on Israel’s behalf must stay clean

A new donor-backed firm and well-funded ministry need to be careful … [Read More...]

Palestinians prepare 5,000 kite bombs to mark end of Ramadan in Gaza

Plan to launch incendiary devices into southern Israel to mark Eid al-Fitr … [Read More...]

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Netanyahu: In fighting Iran, we serve security and peace beyond Middle East

PM outlines how Israel is fighting Islamic State, stopped dozens of … [Read More...]

Knesset celebrates Israel’s 70th, parties away ‘White Night’

This is the first time such a celebration was held at the Knesset … [Read More...]

Netanyahu thanks Merkel for German approval of Israeli drone lease deal

PM hails continued strengthening of defense relations with Berlin … [Read More...]

UTJ rabbis order their MKs to quit coalition if enlistment bill is passed as is

Bill includes raising enlistment targets, penalties for non-compliance … [Read More...]

Christian kidnappings on the rise in Egypt

Spike in abductions of women and girls in rural areas, some cities … [Read More...]

Unusual minuscule, 1,000-year-old Arabic clay amulet unearthed in City of David

Discovered in ongoing dig near Old City of Jerusalem, praises Allah … [Read More...]

The silver lining in the UN’s almost-condemnation of Hamas

Cracks in UN’s automatic majority against Israel offer some solace … [Read More...]

The Palestinians’ ‘Kitetifada’ deserves an ignoble prize

Palestinians are pushing new frontiers in terrorism … [Read More...]

The Palestinians’ ‘Kitetifada’ deserves an ignoble prize

Palestinians are pushing new frontiers in terrorism … [Read More...]

Shin Bet says 250 ‘significant terrorist attacks’ thwarted since January

Head of service credits successes to increased reliance on hi-tech … [Read More...]

IDF releases helmet-cam footage of troops arresting suspected soldier killer

Nabbed two weeks after killing Sgt. Ronen Lubarsky with stone slab … [Read More...]

North Koreans ‘betrayed’ by human rights omission in Trump-Kim agreement

Some 70,000 Christians being starved in prisons and forced-labor camps … [Read More...]

Bulldozers raze deserted Netiv Ha’avot outpost after settlers clear out

A day after police evacuate homeowners and thousands of protesters … [Read More...]

FIFA punishing PA minister for threatening Messi, cancelling match

Not first time Rajoub targets Israel Football Association … [Read More...]

In a first, Haley proposes UN General Assembly vote to condemn Hamas

Vote on responsibility for Gaza amounts to referendum on the … [Read More...]

Following in Jesus’s footsteps to serve in the IDF

Two Messianic Jews, including one currently in Givati, tell why they … [Read More...]

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