Israel nears grim milestone of 4,000 coronavirus deaths

Deaths and serious cases rise; vaccine drive expands to all over 45 … [Read More...]

Palestinian girl hospitalized after settler youth attack

41 attacks against Palestinians since controversial death of hilltop youth … [Read More...]

Nahariya’s streets flooded, blocked due to heavy raining

Mayor: We need to solve this now … [Read More...]

Israel approves some 800 new settlement homes ahead of Biden inauguration

Peace Now, European Union blast move … [Read More...]

UNRWA admits printing ‘inappropriate’ content in Palestinian textbooks

Agency said pages referring to Israel as ‘the enemy’ were removed … [Read More...]

Queen’s temple, 50 coffins, Book of Dead: Ancient Egypt trove ‘remakes history’

3,000-year-old sarcophagi, spells to direct the dead through the underworld … [Read More...]

Jonathan Pollard out of quarantine, strolling Jerusalem

Landed in Israel December 30 and immediately entered quarantine … [Read More...]

Israeli company develops ‘breathalyzer’ COVID-19 test with 98% accuracy

Scentech Medical's test works like a breathalyzer to screen for COVID-19 … [Read More...]

A call for Israeli politics to return to core, humanistic values

How has it come to this? … [Read More...]

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Coronavirus infection still high in Israel: 9,388 new cases

Ministry: Impossible to imagine we will exit the lockdown within 10 … [Read More...]

The UAE’s unprecedented role in helping reunite Jewish family is symbolic

One family of 15 in Abu Dhabi and a second family reunited after 15 … [Read More...]

Israeli firm’s unmanned navy drone vessel coming to Asian-Pacific arena

The Seagull is made by top defense contractor Elbit Systems … [Read More...]

60% rise in Christians killed worldwide in 2020

Governments use COVID-19 as excuse for persecution of Christians … [Read More...]

Health Ministry worker sends ex to quarantine four times

Falsely informed her she’d been in contact with COVID-19 patients … [Read More...]

Monitoring group: UNRWA textbooks glorify terrorism, deny Israel’s existence

UNWRA chief says content was distributed in error … [Read More...]

The Israeli organization saving the lives of Gaza’s children

Save a Child’s Heart gives free heart surgeries to children all over … [Read More...]

With Iran held in check by Biden hopes, Israel grabs chance to hit hard in Syria

With US in transition, the IDF sees Tehran as less likely to retaliate … [Read More...]

Violence is always wrong, regardless of the reason

More than the need to condemn it, we must look for ways to prevent it … [Read More...]

US official: Israel carried out Syria strikes using American intelligence

Raids targeted warehouses used to store Iranian weapons … [Read More...]

UAE approves visa exemption agreement with Israel

First such deal with an Arab country to enter into force in 30 days … [Read More...]

Shots fired at IDF bulldozers in two attacks on Gaza border, none injured

Tanks shell Hamas position in response to attacks … [Read More...]

US envoy: Trump turned Middle East from challenge to positive force

Abraham Accords are bringing stability to the region … [Read More...]

Inovytec partners with California to provide portable ventilators

Will provide 1,500 advanced portable ventilators … [Read More...]

Al-Shabaab terrorists attack bus traveling in Kenya hunting for Christians

Fortunately, there were no Christians onboard and nobody was killed … [Read More...]

How Israel’s efficient, data-savvy HMOs help it lead world in COVID vaccination

Enable efficient and rapid delivery of inoculation shots to the … [Read More...]

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